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John Burnett for NYC Comptroller

August 21st, 2013


The Irish American Republicans



Press Release

For Immediate Release


The Irish American Republicans Endorse

John Burnett for New York City Comptroller



The Irish American Republicans (, a 130-year-old coalition of Irish Americans who support the principles of free markets, low taxes, limited government, individual liberty, and US support for Peace and Justice in Ireland, are proud to endorse John Burnett for election as the next New York City Comptroller.  (See


"The Irish American Republicans are calling upon the Americans of Irish descent - and all principled Americans - to support John Burnett, a patriotic American and true friend of Ireland. John Burnett is an experienced financial manager, whom we can trust with the billions in funds held in trust by New York City." stated Grant Lally, national Co-Chair of the Irish American Republicans. "John Burnett cares about the security of the pension funds of New York City, and will invest our funds wisely and prudently”


"This election is too important for the future of our city. We need John Burnett as Comptroller" concluded Jeffrey Cleary, national Co-Chair of the Irish American Republicans. “John Burnett’s two opponents – the egomaniacal Eliot Spitzer who resigned in national disgrace and would squander public funds on his latest quest for political redemption; and Scott Stringer, a colorless political hack who would invest public monies to benefit his political masters, are both a disaster.  The choice is clear: John Burnett for NYC Comptroller"


The Irish American Republicans are dedicated to building support for the Republican Party among the 45 million strong Irish-American community and have been a leading force in the national Republican coalition, since having been organized in 1868 and officially chartered in 1880. The IAR has played leading roles in campaigns for Governor, Senate, Congress and President of the United States, and has been dubbed by Sean Hannity as the "GOP's Delta Force."




Grant Lally, at 516-741-2666 or

Jeffrey Cleary, at 518-209-1916 or

IrishGOP Honors Rep Bob Turner, Commish Timothy Sullivan, and YR Leader Jason Weingartner

March 17th, 2013


- founded in 1868

"The GOP's Delta Force" - Sean Hannity


invite you to our annual





Rep. Bob Turner

US Congressman 2011 - 2012 (NY - 9)


Hon Timothy Sullivan

Commissioner of Finance, Nassau County


Hon Jason Weingartner

Former Chair, NYS Young Republicans


Wednesday, May 15th

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


O'Casey's Irish Restaurant

22 East 41st Street (between 5th & Madison - 1 block west of Grand


New York, New York


Tickets $100.00 per person (YR rate $75.00 per person)

Please RSVP to

The Case for Mitt Romney by Grant Lally

October 31st, 2012

IRISH ECHO: OP-ED by Grant M. Lally

America is at a crossroads, and this election will decide whether the American government will take control its budget, create the opportunities for job creation and growth, and constructively reengage with the world, by electing Gov. Mitt Romney, or whether we will plunge into permanent decline, economic stagnation, and continued international crisis with Barack Obama.

For Irish Americans, this election is even more decisive, since President Obama betrayed his pledges from 2008, and downgraded America’s engagement with Northern Ireland. Obama never appointed a US Envoy to the Northern Ireland Peace Process – despite his 2008 promises to the contrary. Obama just doesn’t care about Ireland, or Irish Americans, thinking he can fool voters again into supporting him.

Gov. Mitt Romney is a successful lifelong businessman, a man who created and saved numerous business ventures, and made them into growing, vital job-creating enterprises. He was also the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – the most heavily Irish American state in the United States – where he was successful in balancing the state budget – without raising taxes – and worked in a healthy bi-partisan relationship with an overwhelmingly Democratic dominated State Legislature. Governor Romney was able – working with the Democratic legislature – to enact fiscal, health and safety programs that helped make Massachusetts one of the most dynamic, entrepreneurial and wealthy states in the United States.

Gov. Romney proved in Massachusetts that despite our hyper-partisan age, a real political leader can work with people of good will from the opposing party, for the good of the public. This record is not shared by Barack Obama, whose behavior in Washington has been haughty, imperious and arrogant when dealing with Republicans, or anyone who is not immediately useful to him. Unlike President Bill Clinton, who carefully built working relationships with Republican leaders such as Rep Peter King, President Obama has insulted, lectured, and mostly ignored Republicans (and many Democrats who had supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries) adding to the partisan bitterness of Washington.

The most important issue in this election is the revival of our economy. Under Barack Obama, the national Debt was exploded from $9 billion to now over $16 billion. Those are not just “numbers” – they represent days, hours, months and years of hard work that all Americans will all have to do – for decades in the future – the work of our children and grandchildren – just to repay those debts. The explosion of debt under Obama is unprecedented in human history. Continued government deficits and borrowing are unsustainable. If you want to see what a future America under Barack Obama will look like, just look at the street riots, 55% youth unemployment, broken store windows, hopelessness, and massive business failures of Greece today.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are serious policy leaders who have pledged to bring government spending and debt under control. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have produced detailed budgets – projecting how we can and will get out of this fiscal catastrophe that Obama has gotten us into. Romney and Ryan will balance the budget something that was done as recently as 2000 – but seems like a fantasy under Barack Obama. The explosion of government debt has strangled our economy by government consuming all credit, leaving small and large businesses without credit or capital to help build a recovery.

Under Barack Obama there has been a massive increase in welfare spending, reversing many of the reforms enacted during Bill Clinton’s presidency. The Obama administration has even proposed repealing the work requirements of Clinton’s Welfare Reform Act – that able bodied adults would no longer have work as part of their requirements to receive welfare. Food stamps, housing vouchers, unaccountable “grants” to opaque “community organizations” and government give-aways to wealthy and well-connected business donors, have all exploded to unprecedented levels under Obama. Another four years of Obama will leave America as a dependent and bankrupt Welfare Nation.

On foreign policy, we should all give President Obama credit for continuing President George Bush’s policy, of vigorously using drone strikes and intelligence to attack the terrorist network of al Qaeda. Despite his campaign promises to the contrary, President Obama has kept Guantanamo Bay open – which was the right policy.

But the Obama policy towards the so-called “Arab Spring” has been a disaster of naïve intentions, wishful thinking, weakness, and lies. The attacks now occurring on Americans in Egypt, Libya, Yemen are all traceable to Obama facilitating the rise to power of Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist regimes.

And the lies made by Obama and his officials – blaming the death of US Ambassador Stephens on a silly YouTube video, and then arresting the creator of that video – when the White House knew the truth that the attack was a pre-planned terrorist assault – are completely disgraceful. Obama’s actions betray both the Truth, and America’s constitutional tradition of free speech.

Finally, on Northern Ireland, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will see a return to the bipartisan Clinton and Bush administration policies of active engagement in the Irish Peace Process. Gov. Romney’s chief foreign policy advisor is Ambassador Mitchell Reiss, whom Irish America knows well as the man who served as US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, and who made history by bringing devolved policing, the Sinn Fein-DUP joint Executive, and the St. Andrew’s Accords to Northern Ireland.

By contrast, President Obama betrayed his 2008 promise to appoint a US Special Peace Envoy for Northern Ireland, only briefly allowing Hillary Clinton to appoint an “Economic Envoy.” Even that position has now been vacant for nearly two years.

The closest that the Obama administration comes to having an Irish Policy is dying the Chicago River green for a parade in March. When all of the leading Irish American groups asked President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder to not allow British intelligence – a foreign intelligence service – to subpoena the Irish Archives of Boston College – Obama ignored Irish America and prosecuted the subpoenas. When Sen Scott Brown (R-MA) issued an E-3 Visa bill to allow young Irish students to come to the United States, the Obama administration connived to kill the legislation. Whenever something is important for Ireland or Irish America, it’s just not important to Obama.

Every four years the US presidential election is billed as the “most important” in generations. This time it is true. America needs to get its government fiscal house in order, and end the orgy of government spending and borrowing that has strangled the recovery and kept America in recession. The policies of the Obama administration are not sustainable, and four more years of Obama will result in a fiscal collapse of the kind seen today in Greece and Spain.

We have a great opportunity with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to elect a team of responsible, principled, leaders, dedicated to restoring fiscal balance, and creating the environment where America can again grow, create jobs and prosper. Please elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan this November.


 Grant Lally serves as Co-Chairman of the Irish American Republicans ( He is a partner in the New York law firm of Lally & Misir (

IrishGOP Praises Choice of Paul Ryan - a great Irish American - for Vice President

August 12th, 2012

The Irish American Republicans (
Press Release
August 12, 2012
For immediate release:
The Irish American Republicans ( Praise Gov. Mitt Romney for the Choice of Rep. Paul Ryan - a great Irish-American - to be the next Vice President
     "The Irish American Republicans praise the selection by Mitt Romney of Rep Paul Ryan to be the Republican Nominee for Vice President. Rep Paul Ryan is a serious political leader, who has shown the courage to draft a national Budget, that is balanced, will not raise taxes, and will restart our national economy. The Irish American Republicans salute Mitt Romney on a brilliant choice for Vice President." stated Grant Lally, IAR National Co-Chair.
     "Paul Ryan has shown real courage - the one thing you see far too little of in Obama's Washington. When no one said it could be done, Paul Ryan produced a national Budget that is balanced and deals with the real problems of huge deficits, and health care programs - Medicare and Medicaid - that Obama is trying to bankrupt. Paul Ryan is a breath of fresh air and will be a great Vice President." Lally continued.
     "Rep Paul Ryan is a great Irish-American. The utter nonsense and nasty personal invective that we are hearing from Obama's far-Left "attack poodles," is really unworthy of response. Barack Obama has nothing but failure to run on, so he and his minions engage in the politics of personal attack. Well your nasty behavior won't work anymore, President Obama." Said Jeff Cleary, IAR National Co-Chair.
     "All Irish Americans - and all people who care about whether this country has a future - should support Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. Under Obama this country is headed into oblivion - a debt-ridden, economically stagnant, welfare nation. This may be our last chance to save America as a beacon of hope and prosperity to the world. Obama means poverty, bankruptcy, hucksterism, and government hand-outs. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan mean fiscal sanity, balanced budgets, job creation and a future for our country. The choice is that clear." Cleary concluded.
     The Irish American Republicans ( are a national coalition of Irish Americans in the Republican Party, originally founded in 1868. They have played a leading role in elections across the United States, for which they have been dubbed by Sean Hannity, as "the GOP's Delta Force."
Jeffrey Cleary

Grant Lally

Founded in 1868 / "The GOP's Delta Force" - Sean Hannity

IrishGOP Praises Gov. Mitt Romney for Historic Meeting with Taoiseach - Putting Irish Peace Process Back on US Agenda

July 28th, 2012

The Irish American Republicans ( Praise Gov. Mitt Romney for Historic Meeting with Taoiseach Enda Kenny - Putting Irish Peace Process Back on US Agenda
"The Irish American Republicans praise the historic and substantive meeting held today by Governor Mitt Romney and Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the Irish Embassy in London. Gov Romney has pledged to put the Irish Peace Process back on top of the US President's foreign policy agenda. After four years of Obama's neglect and broken promises on Ireland, it is time for a change," stated Grant Lally, Co-Chair of the Irish American Republicans.
"Four years ago, Barack Obama made a lot of empty promises about keeping the United States involved with Northern Ireland - and then broke all his promises - displaying an arrogance and "who cares" attitude, that shows Obama's contempt for Irish America. Obama never appointed a US Envoy for the Northern Ireland Peace Process, and - only after Secretary Hillary Clinton was embarrassed by Obama's broken promises - did she briefly appoint an "economic envoy," which post has now been vacant for nearly 18 months. It is obvious that Obama just does not care about Ireland or the 45 million Irish Americans." concluded Lally.
"Today's historic meeting between Gov. Mitt Romney and Taoiseach Enda Kenny was a serious policy meeting, arranged by Mitt Romney's chief foreign policy advisor, former US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland, Ambassador Mitchell Reiss. Gov. Romney will re-engage the United States in the critical work of the Irish Peace Process," stated Jeffrey Cleary, Co-Chair of the Irish American Republicans.
"Mitchell Reiss is already a historic figure in Ireland. He negotiated the St Andrews Agreement, reconvened the Northern Ireland Assembly, secured the devolution of policing to Northern Ireland, and brought the first-ever Sinn Fein-DUP Executive to power," stated Cleary.
"Mitchell Reiss has been praised by all Northern Irish leaders - from Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, to the Rev. Ian Paisley - for his careful, thoughtful work for Northern Ireland," added Lally. "If you want to see what Gov. Mitt Romney's Irish policy will be - just look to the successes of his top advisor, Ambassador Reiss."
The Irish American Republicans ( are a national coalition of Irish Americans in the Republican Party, originally founded in 1868. They have played a leading role in elections across the United States, and been dubbed by Sean Hannity, as "the GOP's Delta Force." In 2008, Ambassador Mitchell Reiss received the Irish American Republican's annual Man of the Year award.
Jeffrey Cleary
Grant Lally

Founded in 1868 / "The GOP's Delta Force" - Sean Hannity

IrishGOP Event with John Dunleavy, Ray Martinez, Craig Eaton, Hon Frank Duggan, Wed, June 13th, NYC

May 17th, 2012


- founded in 1868
"The GOP's Delta Force" - Sean Hannity
invites you to our annual
John Dunleavy
Chairman NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade
Raymond Martinez
Chairman New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
Craig Eaton
Chairman Kings County Republican Party
- and -
Special Lifetime Achievement Award to
Hon. Frank Duggan
Former Chairman, US National Mediation Board
Wednesday, June 13th
6:00PM to 8:00 PM
The Women's National Republican Club
3 West 51st Street (between 5th & 6th)
New York, New York
Tickets $125.00 per person
(YR rate $85.00 per person)
Please RSVP to
or mail to
The Irish American Republicans
Christopher Nolan, Treasurer
220 Old Country Road, Suite 200
Mineola, New York 11501

IrishGOP Endorses Mitt Romney for President; Calls for GOP Unity

March 17th, 2012

Press Release - For Immediate Release March 17, 2012

IrishGOP Endorses Governor Mitt Romney; Calls for GOP Party Unity

"On this glorious Saint Patrick's Day, the Irish American Republicans ( proudly endorse Governor Mitt Romney to be the next President of the United States" stated Irish American Republican Co-Chairman Grant Lally. "Governor Romney has a strong record of cutting taxes, responsible balanced budgets, job creation, tough crime fighting and a sensitivity to the importance of Ireland and the Irish Peace Process. He will be a great President."

"We call upon the remaining candidates - Sen Rick Santorum and Speaker Newt Gingrich - both good men, to unite behind Governor Romney and unite our party. We have had a spirited primary campaign, but it is now time to unite behind our nominee." stated Jeffrey Cleary, IrishGOP Co-Chair.

"The Irish American Republicans will be working hard to elect Governor Mitt Romney and to defeat Barack Obama this November," stated IrishGOP President Kevin Hanratty. "We will be unleashing the IrishGOP's "Wild Geese" campaign teams to Florida, Ohio, or wherever we can best protect the integrity of the Election, and help elect Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States of America."

Contacts: Jeffrey Cleary 518-209-1916;; Grant Lally 516-741-2666,

IrishGOP Condems Obama/Holder MLAT Subpoena of Boston College

February 2nd, 2012


Founded in 1868 / "The GOP's Delta Force" - Sean Hannity
Press Release
February 2, 2012
For immediate release:
The Irish American Republicans ( Call for Obama/Holder Subpoena to be Quashed in Irish Archives - Boston College Case
“We condemn, in the strongest terms, the actions of President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder in trying to take private property and invade the private research archives of an American University, and then turn them over to a Foreign Intelligence Service...” stated Irish American Republican Co-Chair Grant Lally. “The actions of the Obama administration are an utter disgrace, and a betrayal of the United States Bill of Rights and American national sovereignty.”
The Obama Administration - by its Attorney General Eric Holder - has issued Subpoenas to Boston College, directing the University to turn-over its extensive Research Archives on the Irish Troubles, to the Intelligence Services of the United Kingdom, a foreign nation. The Obama Administration has chosen to act pursuant to a Mutual Legal assistance Treaty ("MLAT") between the US and UK. The Boston College Research Archives contain many personal interviews with participants in the Irish Troubles, and were obtained by Boston College under agreement that the archives were to be sealed until the death of the testators. The matter is before the United States District Court in Boston, subject to appeal before the US Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit.
“The research archives of an American University are sacred - not to be delivered to Foreign despots, by the government of the United States,” stated Irish American Co-Chair Jeffrey Cleary. “Nothing could have a more “chilling effect” upon America’s First Amendment rights to free speech, right to petition and due process, and the western tradition of academic freedom, then this cowardly stunt by the Obama Administration to deliver a private American Research archive to a foreign power.”
“The Irish American Republicans call upon the United States Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit, to uphold America's constitutional rights, and reject the subpoena to Boston College,” concluded Irish American National President Kevin Hanratty.

Jeffrey Cleary
(Cell) 518-209-1916
Grant Lally
(Tel) 516-741-2666

The Irish American Republicans

IrishGOP Salutes Sens Scott Brown and Mark Kirk for Irish E-3 Visa Bill

February 1st, 2012

Press Release

February 1, 2012
For immediate release:

The Irish American Republicans ( salute
Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) and Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL)
for Irish Visa Bill

The Irish American Republicans ( a coalition of Irish Americans in the Republican Party originally founded in 1868, have praised US Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) and US Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) for their leadership in introducing the “Irish Immigration Recognition and Encouragement Act of 2011 (“Ire Act”) which would grant 10,000 US Visas per year for Ireland.

“Sen. Scott Brown and Sen. Mark Kirk are heroes to Irish America,” stated Irish American Republican Co-Chair Jeff Cleary. “Legal immigration is the foundation upon which this great country has been built.”

“Sen. Scott Brown and Sen. Mark Kirk are true friends of Ireland, and understand the great historic role that Irish immigrants and Irish Americans have played in building America,” stated Irish American Republican Co-Chair Grant Lally. "The Irish American Republicans call upon all Senators - Republican and Democrat - to join as co-sponsors of the Irish Immigration Recognition and Encouragement Act. We need your support. Ireland needs your support. Irish America needs your support.”


Jeffrey Cleary
(Tel) 518-209-1916

Grant Lally
(Tel) 516-741-2666


IrishGOP 2011 Holiday Party, Wed. Dec. 7th, 6-8PM at O'Casey's, 22 E 41st Street, NYC

November 23rd, 2011

- founded in 1868
"The GOP's Delta Force" - Sean Hannity
invites you to our annual
Open Bar - Santa - Great Food - Special Guest
Wednesday, December 7th
6:00PM to 8:00 PM
O'Casey's Restaurant
22 East 41st Street (between 5th & Madison)
New York, New York
Tickets $75.00 per person
(YR rate $55.00 per person)
Please RSVP to
or mail to
The Irish American Republicans
Christopher Nolan, Treasurer
220 Old Country Road, Suite 200
Mineola, New York 11501

IrishGOP Endorses 2011 Candidates Across USA

October 1st, 2011

Suffolk County, New York    Click here: Home
Suffolk County Executive:  Angie Carpenter
Suffolk Legislature:
Ed Romaine
Dennis Garetano
Elizabeth Black
Deborah Poulos
Herb Morrow - Town Council
Gene Cook - Town Council
Joanne Raia - Town Clerk

Nassau County, New YorkClick here: 2011 Candidates - Nassau County Republican Committee

Nassau County Legislature:  Fran Becker, Dennis Dunne, Rob Germino, Rose Walker, Chris Browne, John Ciotti, Peter Schmidt, Liz Berney, Jim Milano, Ed Belesi

Oyster Bay Town:
Supervisor:  John Venditto
Town Council:  Chris Coshignano and Rebecca Alesi
Town Clerk:  Steve Labriola
North Hempstead Town
Supervisor:  Lee Tu
Town Council:  Angelo Ferrara
Hempstead Town
Supervisor:  Kate Murray
Receiver of Taxes:  Don Clavin

IrishGOP 2011 Spring Reception Honors Amb. Tom Foley, Leg Rose Walker and Trip Dorkey, Esq.

May 9th, 2011

- founded in 1868
"The GOP's Delta Force" - Sean Hannity
cordially invite you to the
Hon. Thomas Foley
US Ambassador to Ireland (2006-9)
GOP Candidate for Governor of Connecticut (2010)
Hon. Rose Walker
Nassau County Legislator
Chair, Irish Americans in Government 
- and -
Charles "Trip" Dorkey III, Esq.
Partner, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
Attorney of the Year
Monday, May 9th, 2011
6:00PM to 8:00 PM
The Women's National Republican Club
3 West 51st Street (at 5th Avenue)
New York, NY 10019
Tickets $150.00 per person
Please RSVP to
or mail to
The Irish American Republicans
Christopher Nolan, Treasurer
220 Old Country Road, Suite 200
Mineola, New York 11501
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Response Form
The Irish American Republicans
Annual Spring Reception
Monday, May 9th, 2011, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
The Women's National Republican Club
3 West 51st Street, New York, NY 10019
_____Yes, I will attend the 2011 Spring Reception, and enclose a check for $____________ for ____ tickets ($150.00 each)
_____ No, I cannot attend, but enclose a check for $____________ to support the good work of the Irish American Republicans.
_____ Yes, I also want to renew my 2011 annual membership dues in the Irish American Republicans, and enclose a check for $50.00. 
Name    ________________________________________
Telephone  ______________________________________
E-Mail       ______________________________________
Name(s) of Guests _______________________________
Please mail to:
The Irish American Republicans
Christopher Nolan, Treasurer
220 Old Country Road, Suite 200
Mineola, New York 11501
or RSVP to

IrishGOP Endorses John McCain and Tom Foley

July 4th, 2010


"On this glorious Independence Day, the Irish American Republicans, a 130 year old pillar of the Republican Party, proudly endorse two distinguished Irish Americans, Sen. John McCain and Amb. Tom Foley, in their quest for statewide office." noted IAR National Co-Chair Jeffrey Cleary. 

"Sen John McCain is a great and longtime friend of Irish America and the IrishGOP.  He has been a great friend to Ireland and a leader in the Irish Peace Process." noted IAR Co-Chair Grant Lally.  "He has fought against government waste, for integrity and transparency in government, and put his life on the line, serving the people of the United States.  He is a national hero, and we proudly endorse Sen McCain for election to the US Senate.  We call upon all Republicans, and people of good will to support Sen McCain in this year's election"

"Thomas Foley served with distinction as US Ambassador to Ireland for President George W. Bush, and played a critical part in the Peace Process, ensuring full US support for the St Andrews accords, the devolution of policing to the power-sharing government of Northern Ireland, and the re-convening of the elected Northern Ireland Assembly.  He is a great Irish American. " noted Lally.  "The Irish American Republicans proudly endorse Thomas Foley for Governor of Connecticut."

Please contact Jeffrey Cleary for more information at 518-209-1916.

Contact McCain for US Senate at  or Phoenix Office -
1702 E. Highland Avenue, #101, Phoenix, AZ 85016, Tel: 602-604-2010.

Contact Foley for Governor at  or Stamford Office - 20 Summer St, Stamford, Connecticut‎  tel (203) 335-2010.  Mailing address - ‎ PO Box 1196 • Stamford, CT 06904 -


Irish GOP Endorses "Marc O'Rubio"

February 17th, 2010


Irish-American Republicans endorse 'Marc O'Rubio'

March 17, 2010

The Irish-American Republicans, a 130-year-old coalition of Irish-Americans in the Republican Party, today announced their endorsement of Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate.

"Marco Rubio is a principled and effective leader who will help limit government, lower taxes, defend America and preserve our freedoms,” the group's Regional Chairman Jim Bomford said in a news release. “Marco Rubio has a proven record of public service and is a real patriot who will not only oppose big government disasters like the stimulus and ObamaCare, but also offer thoughtful, policy-based alternatives.

“Although we endorsed Charlie Crist for governor in 2006, we have been disappointed by his support for wasteful stimulus spending, cap-and-trade, tax increases and his opposition to scrapping ObamaCare," he added. "We trusted him to govern as a Jeb Bush Republican, but have been roundly disappointed by his stewardship of Florida.”

National Chairman Grant Lally added: “The Irish-American Republicans are proud to endorse Marco Rubio for Senate. During this period of economic uncertainty, the Senate needs a leader like Marco Rubio who will courageously challenge Washington’s big-spending ways and ensure the next generation of Americans inherits a strong and prosperous nation.”

In accepting this endorsement, Rubio said, “For over a century, the Irish-American Republicans have been an important part of the Republican Party’s heritage. I am honored to have their support in my campaign and wish all Irish-Americans in Florida and across the country a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

The Irish American Republicans are a national organization, originally organized in 1868 and chartered in 1880, dedicated to promoting the principles of the Republican Party, building Republican support among the 45-million-strong Irish-American community, strengthening relations between Ireland and the United States, and supporting the cause of justice and peace in Northern Ireland. The Irish-American Republicans' Advisory Chairs include former Gov. George Pataki and U.S. Senator John McCain (AZ), while its Board is comprised of Irish American leaders from the business, political, media and legal communities.

IrishGOP Deploys for Scott Brown for US Senate

January 1st, 2010

The Irish American Republicans, a 130-year old coalition of Irish Americans in the Republican Party, have enthusiastically endorsed State Senator Scott Brown, to be elected as the next US Senator from Massachusetts, in the special election scheduled for January 19th.

"Scott Brown is a respected Irish American legislator, whose family roots go back to County Sligo in Ireland. He is a principled and successful leader, who will help to preserve our freedoms, defend our country, lower our taxes, and represent the best tradition of Massachusetts as an independent and informed voice in the United States Senate," stated Thomas Mason of Lakeville, former General Counsel of the Massachusetts Republican Party, and Chair of the Irish American Republicans of Massachusetts.

"It is important that Massachusetts elect Scott Brown to the United States Senate. Scott Brown has an excellent record of public service and is a real patriot," added Mason, "Scott Brown will vigorously oppose the looming fiscal and health care disaster of 'Obamacare.' Scott's opponent, Martha Coakley, has a sloppy record as a politician who has favored criminals instead of the victims. Her tenure as Massachusetts Attorney General has been sadly embarrassing."

"The Irish American Republicans are proud to endorse Scott Brown, for the US Senate," stated IAR National Chairman Grant Lally. "In these dangerous times, we need a responsible leader like Senator Scott Brown. He knows the dangers in this world, is a serious public servant, and is strongly committed to fiscal responsibility in government. Unlike his clueless opponent, Scott Brown will bring distinction to Massachusetts in the US Senate."

"We are urging all our members to volunteer in Massachusetts, make calls to voters, and contribute to Scott Brown's campaign," concluded Lally, "The stakes for America are too high to sit back. Scott Brown is a great Irish American and a true patriot, and we need him in the US Senate.”

The Irish American Republicans were founded in 1880, and are a group of Irish Americans and those interested in Ireland-US relations and the Irish Peace Process, dedicated to supporting principled and responsible leaders for elected office.

For the Scott Brown for US Senate campaign: or 781-444-0200

For the Irish American Republicans contact:
Thomas Mason, Massachusetts IAR Chair:
Grant Lally, National IAR Co-Chair:

Republican Thuggery?

December 6th, 2000



Republican Thuggery ?
Confessions of a right-wing thug.

By Brian McCarthy, a New York City-based attorney


fter staying up all night watching the careening election returns, I returned to my law practice on November 8 in New York City representing mainly union members in labor, employment, and civil-rights matters. As the post-election days mounted and the Democrats' ground troops set up camp in Florida, my sense of helplessness here in New York City grew. My calling came through an e-mail seeking attorneys to help the Republican effort in the Florida Re-Recount. I arrived in Miami on Sunday, November 19.

I was whisked straight to the Versailles restaurant in Little Havana, Miami by Grant Lally and Jeff Cleary, two of New York's most dedicated Republicans, to enjoy a few Mojitos — a Cuban cocktail of rum, mint leaves, and a stalk of sugar cane — and learn what I was about to face.

I spent Monday, November 20 observing the hand re-counting of the Miami-Dade County ballots on the 18th floor of the Stephen P. Clark Government Building. Most striking were the 25 "over votes" (two or more votes punched for president) I observed in the 600 or so hand-counted ballots in one precinct. Two of the 25 "over vote" ballots had six holes — yes, six — cleanly punched for presidential candidates! How can the intent of an anonymous, enigmatic voter ever be divined?

The next day I was a floor manager, while Grant Lally represented our party before the canvassing board. Things quickly heated up when Ivy Korman, the unabashedly partisan Democrat floor leader for the canvassing board, began to tell counters to speed the process, that it was not necessary to show the observers the ballots and generally became abusive to Republican floor managers and observers.

Lally requested that the canvassing board remove Korman, by then dubbed "Poison Ivy," from the counting process for her disruptive behavior. The tension escalated when the board's chairman, Democrat judge Lawrence King, threatened Lally with removal. In the end, neither Korman nor Lally was removed, but the battle lines were drawn.

At 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, November 22 I was positioned just outside the barrier as a sideline manager, while the media watched and waited from a corner of the room for the counting to begin. The canvassing board members took their seats and announced that, given the Florida supreme court's order extending the deadline to complete the hand recount until only Sunday, just the 10,750 so-called "under votes" of the remaining 655,000 ballots would be hand counted.

Republican party attorneys reminded the board of its ruling one week earlier that a selective hand count of only the 10,000 "under votes" would improperly disenfranchise all other voters, but to no avail. Matters worsened when the board decided to perform this selective hand count on the 19th floor away from the press, public, and designated observers. Not only did this decision violate Florida's Sunshine laws (Fla. Statute 102.166 (6): "Any manual recount shall be open to the public."), it was a fundamentally unfair change in the process. Thirty or so of the observers took the elevator to the 19th floor, followed by several members of the media, to ask for an explanation for why we were being locked out of the ballot counting. Of our group, almost half were women, several were attorneys, one a vascular surgeon and some were congressional staff members. Single shouts turned into unified chants: "Let us see the ballots!" "Let the media in!" "Let us in!" "Stop the fraud!" "No justice, no peace!" (Where's Al Sharpton when you need him?) Some sat on the floor, others stood as we all protested, oblivious to the rolling cameras. Municipal employees watched us through the glass partition, many smiling, as we demanded to see the ballots.

Our group and the media crowded into the T-shaped lobby of the 19th floor with little space to move about. Yet, as Democrat attorneys and election officials walked in and out of the two doors at opposite ends, they were allowed unimpeded access to the elevators. There was no rioting, punching, kicking, or thuggery, as alleged by the New York Times, Joseph Lieberman, David Bonior, and Paul Begala. According to Jerold Nadler's keen olfactory senses, a "whiff of fascism" was in the air. Al Gore has since called it "organized intimidation." Speaking of fascism, six Democrat House Representatives have written a letter to Janet Reno's Justice Department requesting an investigation into our expression of free speech under the Racketeering, Influence and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO).

There were no complaints to the police, arrests made, or injuries reported. Vocal? Yes. Violent? No. For about 45 minutes we yelled, laughed, clapped and reveled in our defense of due process and liberty. With hoarse voices, we met outside the building to continue our protest and were joined by many local Bush-Cheney supporters with homemade signs in hand. Then came the news that the board had reversed itself and decided to discontinue the hand counts in Miami-Dade. Our protest turned into a celebration of justice prevailing in one of the battles in this weeks-long political war started by Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman.

This is the new Republican party.