Our Achievements

IrishGOP "Wild Geese" Blanket Boston for Scott Brown

A light snow was falling, but that was nothing next to the blizzard of "Irish for Scott Brown" signs festooning the rallies for Senate hopeful Scott Brown.

IrishGOP leaders Jeffrey Cleary, Christopher Callaghan, and John Vafai spearheaded a massive deployment of "Wild Geese" across Massachusetts for the special election for US Senate in January, 2010.  The Massachusetts IrishGOP leaders Thomas Mason and John Cafferty integrated the national Wild Geese into the local campaign to make historic gains in Boston's Irish-American neighborhoods.

When the votes were counted, Scott Brown did what no one since Ronald Reagan had done - sweeping the Irish neighborhoods and suburbs of Boston by huge margins, and winning a statewide federal election in Massachusetts. 

The IrishGOP "Wild Geese" lead the 2000 Florida Recounts for Bush/Cheney

For Election night November, 2000, then-Texas Governor George Bush, invited the leadership of the Irish American Republicans to his Election Night victory rally in Austin Texas. It turned into a long, rainy night in Austin.

Following the election, the Irish American Republicans took the lead in protecting President-Elect Bush's victory in Florida, against Democratic operatives' relentless efforts to steal the election.

IrishGOP leaders were the first wave to Florida to take the lead in the Recount efforts.  Dubbed the "Wild Geese of Miami," the IrishGOP successfully fought-off the attempted theft of the Presidency.  In the critical Miami Recount: Grant Lally served as the GOP Floor Manager ; Justin Dricoll and Bob Farley served as GOP Counsel; Jeffrey Cleary and Brian McCarthy served as GOP Floor Observers; and Rep. John Sweeney served as Florida Political Director - for which President Bush dubbed him "Congessman Kick-Ass."

The Irish American Republicans lead the so-called "Brooks Brothers' Protest" successfully - and peacefully - demanding that the media have access to the secret "overcount" ballot count that the Miami-Dade Canvassing Board proposed to hold behind closed doors.  IrishGOP Chairman Brian McCarthy was particularly featured on the cover of Newsweek, defending our right to open government.


For five long weeks, and in Florida counties ranging from Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties in the south, to Washington county in the Florida panhandle in the north, and then back to Orange, St. Lucie and Glades (thank you Bob !) Counties for the December Re-Re-Count, the Irish American Republicans were there, fought hard, and made the critical difference.

Sen John McCain Announces for President at IrishGOP Rally

Sen John McCain announced for President of the United States at the Irish American Republicans annual 2007 New York City reception.  In February, 2007, after taping the Letterman Show, where Sen John McCain made his first public announcement for President, he traveled across town to make his first live announcement, with the IrishGOP.

Before a thrilled and hushed crowd of nearly 1000 Irish Republicans from across the country, and a blizzard of television cameras and media coverage, Sen John McCain announced live that he would be seeking the Presidency of the United States.

The IrishGOP deployed our "Wild Geese" campaign teams to help win Sen McCain his decisive victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, and New York.

The IrishGOP elected nearly 400 Delegates to the GOP Convention in Minneapolis, and were heavily represented in the Rules, Credentials and Platform Committees of the 2008 GOP Convention.

Sen John McCain was the first-ever GOP Nominee for President, to attend the "Irish Presidential Forum" - a huge town meeting held in Scranton, PA - where Sen McCain pledged to the assembled thousands of Irish Americans his commitment to the Peace Process in Northern Ireland.

The IrishGOP "Wild Geese" Win Battleground Ohio in 2004

With the 2004 Presidential election "too close to call," the Irish American Republicans were summoned to the key battleground state of Ohio.  Given overall command of the Cleveland area, the IrishGOP was unleashed to stop Democratic election fraud.

IrishGOP leaders Brendan Quinn, Justin Driscoll, Grant Lally, Jeffrey Cleary, Bruce Tague, Mitch Baxter, John Vafai, Kenneth Curley, Bryan Noel, John Scales, and Ohio IrishGOp leaders Dan Carter, Jim Miller, Dave Moore, Bob Rousseau, Paul Blevins, Chris McNulty, Robert Frost, and many others, made the critical difference.

The IrishGOP exposed "Juanita Smith" - who had died in 2002 at age 83 and was miraculously re-born and re-registered as a 22-year old Oberlin College student.  The IrishGOP uncovered thousands of fraudulent Ohio registrations under names like "Donald Duck" and "Mickey Mouse" engineered by the professional Left.  The IrishGOP obtained a Court Injunction barring fruadulent double and triple registrants, from voting fraudulently.  The IrishGOP trained over 2000 GOP poll watchers - the front line of Republican anti-fraud efforts in Ohio.

The IrishGOP Hosts Historic "Irish Event" at the Republican National Convention

The Irish American Republicans organized the most incredible Irish gathering ever seen in the Reuplican Party - the official 2004 "Celebration of Irish Heritage" event for the Republican National Convention.

Over 10,000 Irish Republicans and supporters gathered on a perfect day, alongside the historic Irish Hunger Memorial in Battery Park City, in an open air tent along the Hudson River , to celebrate the success of President Bush, Governor George Pataki, and the swelling legions of Irish American Republicans in our Republican Party.  GOP Chairman Ed Gillespie, Ambassador Richard Egan, and scores of Senators, Congressmen and state and local officials headlined an event that Irish Connections magazine described as "awesome."

The IrishGOP thanks Amb Richard Egan, Diarmud Hogan, William Ellis, William Plunkett, and IAR Chairman Brian McCarthy, for making the event such a success.

The IrishGOP drafts "Irish Plank" in GOP Platforms

The "Irish Plank" in 2000; 2004; and 2008 Republican National Platforms - each pledging appointment of a US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland - were authored by leaders of the Irish American Republicans.

In 2000, the IrishGOP drafted the first official Irish Policy Statement for then-Texas Governor George Bush in February, 2000, and published widely in the Irish and US Press.  Governor George Bush promised that a Bush Administration would be actively engaged with Ireland, and boldly promised the appointment of a US Special Envoy for the Irish Peace Process.

RNC  Delegate Michael Finnegan worked closely with the Bush campaign to ensure that languuage was included in the 2000 Republican National Convention Platform.

In 2004, IrishGOP leaders again authored the GOP Platform language on Ireland, acknowledging President Bush's historic role in declaring that Peace in Ireland was in America's "National Interest.".

In 2008, RNC Delegate Alana Sweeny, made one of the very few amendments to the draft GOP Platform, reaffirming Sen John McCain's longstanding pledge to make Peace in Ireland an American priority, and promising to appoint his own US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland.

The GOP's commitment to the ancestral land of over 45 million Americans was critical in the GOP nominees winning the Irish-American vote each time from 2000 to 2008.