Welcome to the Irish-American Republicans

The Irish American Republicans are a national organization - organized in 1868 and chartered in 1880 - dedicated to promoting the principles of the Republican Party, building Republican support among the 45-million-strong Irish-American community, supporting worthy Irish American candidates for election, strengthening relations between Ireland and the United States, and defending the cause of justice and peace in Ireland.

Our members have been instrumental in electing Republicans to office who share our ideals, who support the Peace Process in Ireland and the interests of the Irish-American Community, and who have a real desire to win. Our targeted campaign teams, known as the "Wild Geese," have intervened decisively to win elections for local office, Governor, Congress, Senate, and President of the United States.

From the election of President Ulysses Grant in 1868, to the elections of Ronald Reagan in 1980, and George Bush in 2000, the Irish American Republicans have been a leading force in American national political life.

The Irish American Republicans Advisory Council includes political leaders such as former Governor George Pataki (NY) and United States Senator John McCain (AZ).  Our Board is comprised of Irish American leaders from across the business, political, media, and legal communities.

The Irish American Republicans are a national coalition of independent state chapters. We welcome you to join us, and become a part of what Sean Hannity has called "the GOP's Delta Force."